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“As infants we’re inherently good, linked only to natural intelligence. It’s only when we grow up and distance ourselves from our inborn goodness that we forget to appreciate the miracles of every day life”.

Since I was as a kid, I remember never being to keen on following the rules. I can recall numerous school projects where I did things my way and hearing the teachers remarks like, “This works, but just do it like everyone else next time Maggie.” And now I am known for creating my own lane in traffic and shooting in places I’m not supposed to. Before any presumptions are made I am not a crappy human being, I understand why there are rules and I respect authority. Quite simply my outlook on life is to do what you want because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

Now let me take you on a journey of a day in my life as a model. I found myself one mid afternoon in a quint little house in Venice beach having my makeup done by a beautiful angelic girl I’d never met – shooting for an unassuming photographer I’d never had the pleasure to work with, while riffing ideas with the owner and designer of the OM line about shot concepts. It had all seemed so familiar to me… There was this undeniable buzz around the room as outfits were being pulled and cameras selected.

The vision for the day was to embody (pun intended) the Open Minded brand. As I slipped in and out of one soft t-shirt to another, I realized this isn’t just another clothing brand, this is a new age movement that I was drawn and attracted to. I soon came to realize Open Minded is so much more than just another comfy sweatshirt you throw on for yoga. It’s presenting “The Scarlet Letter” to the world that you are free and proudly so. Whether it was a crop top that said “Blank Canvas” or a hoodie that has “OM” printed on the front, I felt a sense of security wearing it – like I was being embraced by an old friend. It didn’t feel so much like a shoot, but more like a celebration of a conscious movement – representative of so much more than just a fashion statement.

As the shoot wrapped and the California sun melted into infinity, we were all left high from the energy of the day. No one really wanted the experience to end.

Now as I sit here back at home rocking my Open Minded sweatshirt with the words “Open” imprinted on the chest – I can’t help but imagine how much I’d love to tell my younger self that it’s okay to be authentic. Not let life’s conditioning limit you from your soul purpose, and to know that you’re not alone.

If you ask me over all what Open Minded represents, I’d have to say it embodies freeing yourself of the dependency of outside validation by not allowing others to set the rules or define who you are. Because anything can happen if you’re Open Minded!


Maggie Guan


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