“To T, or Not To T”


At first you think it's just another T-shirt line. Then the graphics grab you.There's something familiar about the stylization. Wait...that shirt has "Open Minded" printed across the front. Why do you recognize it? And then with a smile, you realize you’re in on a joke. The words are captured within a familiar graphic you can't exactly pin point yet feels recognizable.

But that's not the end of it. These shirts are designed to elicit a heavenly comforting sensuality that gets the person who wears them to glow. They are of such soft and fluid texture that they speak of home.

The creator and owner of the "Open Minded" Ofer Moses smiles when I ask him about the feeling of his shirts. He is a wiry, witty americanized Israeli with an uncommonly disarming smile and an almost tangibly vibrant energy surrounding him. "They were hand washed in a very special secret finish which I can't disclose to you." He says with a cross between an impish smirk and a guilty grin. Special finish? I say! The fabric curls around your fingers as it hugs your limbs - like the wishful arms of a long lost lover.

Of course I ask him how he's been doing with "Open Minded", his T- shirt company. I think it's a relatively standard question but instead of launching into a words and predictable story about how he loves the clothes (as most in his position do) he frowns. "Is that what my company is"? He asks. "A T shirt line?"

Now I'm confused. I say, " Yes, isn't that what you showed me? He stops in his tracks and that smile peeks out again. "This is just the beginning, keep an open mind!" With that he's off. Scratching my head as I walk back to my car, I notice that I too am smiling.

So what is Open Minded exactly? As a life style consultant who was hired to chart it's progress and contribute to it's manifestation, in my opinion it’s about a way of thinking. A way that goes beyond the obvious, that much i have gathered. But that we’ll keep for another day. Till then, keep an open mind!

By contributing author

Noella Risley Downs