Behind the Scenes


Behind the scenes at OM is a loving group effort to bring you the best in fashion and lifestyle. We come together as ONE. From stylists to make-up artists to photographers, gaffers, retouchers, creators and visionaries. Everything must move together from the location(s), to the concept, to time constraints, to finances, to weather conditions, to the positioning of your team regarding who’s involved, photo shoots can be simple or complicated… Balancing all the cogs (metaphorically) to implementing a seamless shoot was all dependent upon a group of marvelous people.


Louis Carreon (painter / photographer)

Hannah Park (stylist)

Brooke Dullien (Renowned Jewelry designer / stylist)

Chris Keller (High concept photographer, retoucher)

Shaune McDowell (photographer / top of the line lighter / gaffer)

Ofer Moses (Owner, Creator and main visionary of OM)

& of course a gorgeous array of beautiful models:

In the end, we partied.


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