Open Minded is a clothing and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles California. Founded in 2012, but came into fruition in 2015 by former pro skateboarder, musician and graphic designer Ofer Moses. The concept of Open Minded was gifted from the ever abundant ethers through a serendipitous encounter it had with the letters OM. Soon their after, the dream became a trademark slash reality, and the reality became a lot of hard work. But you know what they say about hard work, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Inspired and based around a life of spontaneity growing up in sunny California, OM’s aesthetic look and feel,(translated through a long-time love affair for vintage fashion) supports a lifestyle of creativity, improvisation, impulse and truth – allowing it’s timeless undertone to operate through each of our products.

Beginning with our soft and sexy fitted silhouettes, OM’s purpose not only serves to shift and integrate personalized typographic messages, (whether it comes from journal entries, random thoughts, to magical arbitrary conversations), but to leave you feeling right at home, while simultaneously you’re out painting the town.

Fresh out of Los Angeles, the fruits of our labor are 100% guaranteed to feel and look awesome, for we love what we do just as much as we love you.

Our vision at Open Minded individually and as a collective is simple. To experience inspiration and joy through mindless yet mindful application, to not think twice cause it’s alright, to not believe everything you think, to make as much art as you possibly can, to not feel bad for feeling bad, to find peace (of mind) in the journey, to breathe the future in to then breath out the past, to never second guess yourself, to come from a place of love regardless of adversity, to be present for that’s the gift, to stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone, to close your eyes to awaken, to worry less and less by detaching, to be smart about being crazy, and crazy about being smart, to help other people in need, to honor your spirit’s calling, to be the awesomeness you wish to see in others, to listen even closer, to take your time while you hurry up, and most of all, to stay Open Minded.